New FM Signal for 5MU


Radio Murray Bridge is excited to announce the AM to FM conversion of 5MU!

The switch will be the final phase in a process that has been years in the making and is another example of continually striving to improve our product to benefit our local audience, and local clients.

Along with three new FM signals, 5MU's freshly designed & revitalised station logo will feature on all marketing materials, and a new hyper-local Saturday Sports Show' Sideline View' has hit the airwaves between 1-5 pm.

5MU General Manager Stephen Walker says, "5MU's move to FM is our biggest change in 86 years. Hearing those great songs we grew up with come to life in stereo is amazing... it's like hearing them for the first time. Our listeners will love it."

5MU Content Director Adam Connelly added, "If you thought you loved that 5MU music now, wait till you hear it on your FM radio. So exciting."

The switch over to the FM band, on 94.3FM Adelaide Hills, 96.3FM Murraylands & 97.1FM South Coast, will take place on March 1, 2021. 5MU will cease to transmit on 11252AM on March 28, 2021.

● 94.3FM Adelaide Hills
● 96.3FM Murraylands
● 97.1FM South Coast


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