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Peter Starkie, Original Skyhooks Guitarist, Dies Aged 72


Steve Hill line up-Sydney. Skyhooks guitarist Peter Starkie sitting at front (Skyhooks Facebook)

Peter Starkie, co-founder of the Melbourne Rock Band, Skyhooks, has died aged 72.

The Skyhooks confirmed the tragic passing of Starkie on their Facebook Page yesterday.

"It's with sadness that we have to post that one of the original Skyhooks- Peter Starkie has passed away (age 72)," their statement reads.

"A tragic accident on Sunday led to his death. Our thoughts and condolences go out to Bob and family during this sad time."

Starkie was an instrumental member of the Rock Band, co-founding the Skyhooks in 1973 alongside Steve Hill, Peter Ingliss, Greg Macainsh and Freddie Strauks.

He performed with the band at many of their early gigs. However later in 1973, he was replaced by his brother Bob Starkie, leaving the band before their first album.

His love of guitar stayed with him and Starkie briefly joined Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons as a guitarist.

His brother Bob, also took to Facebook to share a touching tribute to his late brother Peter.

Bob confirmed the news that Peter had "tragically died in one of those stupid ladder accident."

"We lived in many different locations growing up and shared many formative experiences." 

Bob recalled how living in England had been a real game-changer for Peter, "they were exciting times with the emergence of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Peter started guitar lessons and when we returned to Melbourne he was ahead of the game."

"Apart from being a fabulous guitarist, he was a brother who I looked up to. He went on to father three wonderful daughters. A stepdaughter Alice and Ruby and Stella to Mother Carmel. Cousins to my daughters Indiana and Arabella."