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Movie Top 10: The Blockbusters No-one Predicted Would Make Million$

It’s often hard to predict the big movie blockbusters. Some get hyped beyond measure then disappoint, while others go under the radar and become sleeper hits that amaze everyone. 

And we're not talking popularity but how much money they bring in, because movie-making isn't cheap!

This top 10 looks at movies that brought in way more money at the box office than anyone ever expected. 

They either didn't have the star pull, weren't targeted to a wide audience, were already way over budget or were competing with movies expected to do much better.

But they surprised everyone at the time and some remain classics to this day because they're great stories. One even changed the movie-going landscape forever.

Mostly will likely be familiar to you and one is even still in the current top 5 ranking of highest grossing films of all time with its multi-billion dollar take, which is saying a lot given we live in the age of superhero movies.

Our list includes Christmas comedies, hilarious road trips, a space opera, terrifying ghosts plus a sci-fi extravaganza or two. Oh and Borat, because I just don’t know how to give you a clue on that one! Sorry for the spoiler! 

Watch above - how many have you seen?