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Adelaide Hills Ice Addicts Need More Help


With ice use in South Australia on the rise, there are calls for a rehab and detox facility to be set up in the Adelaide Hills.

A panel of experts at the ice forum at Cornerstone College in Mt Barker this week were confronted by families struggling to deal with the affect of the drug, and heard how finding help in the Adelaide Hills area was difficult and that expecting sufferers to travel to the city every day was unreasonable.

SA Drug and Alcohol services admits there isn’t much for addicts living in the Hills to fall back on but anyone in need should call their help line first on 1300 131 340.

Meanwhile another drug driver has been caught on the roads in the Adelaide Hills, this time a 17 year old boy. The teen was driving on Flaxley Rd in Mt Barker when he returned a positive result for methamphetamines. He was given notice not to drive for 5 hours and may face more charges once the sample has gone for forensic testing.