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PM Wanted Briggs To Resign 2 Weeks Before Investigation Results

Jamie Briggs

It’s been revealed that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told Adelaide Hills MP Jamie Briggs he may need to resign, more than a fortnight before the cabinet subcommittee looked at the results of an independent investigation into his behaviour towards a female staffer.

The staffer claims Mr Briggs kissed her on the neck after telling her her eyes were piercing at a bar in Hong Kong were Mr Briggs had travelled on official business.

She made an official complaint and has since had her picture leaked to the press after Mr Briggs sent it to several colleagues to try and show them the friendly nature of the night. Her job title, age and education details have also been made public.

The Australian newspaper says Mr Turnbull has expressed his disappointment in his fellow Coalition MP’s over the leaked pic saying it may discourage other women from coming forward about inappropriate conduct in the future.

Some MP’s are angry over the PM’s suggestion Mr Briggs quit before presenting his side of the case, saying it shows Mr Turnbull already planned to dump the junior minister.