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Sand Dunes To Become Timber Forests

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Sustainable timber forest will be planted in unproductive sand dunes across the Coorong, Murraylands and Riverland, in a new joint project.

The Agroforestry Development Species Demonstration Project, backed by both Landcare and the Australian Home Heating Association, would see land across SA that is otherwise unused, utilized to plant timber that would be later used for home heating.

AHHA General Manager Demi Brown said that the project reflects a wider commitment by the Association to the environment.

“We always recommend that consumers use firewood sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations,” said Ms Brown."

“When sustainably managed, firewood recycles carbon from the atmosphere, leading to zero carbon emissions. It’s one of the reasons that so many Australians choose wood heating for their homes.”


The sites will be mapped and researched to see what trees would best suit the region while maintaining the genetic legacy of the local flora.


Image: Supplied