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Jury Finds Jayson Doelz Accused Killers Guilty

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The jury didn’t take long to find the three men accused of killing Jayson Doelz in the Adelaide Hills in 2012, guilty.

The trio, Chad Badcock, Kym Barnes and Shane Muckray will be sentenced in 2018 after the jury found all three played an equal role in the death of Jayson, whose body was found on the side of a Kersbrook Rd badly beaten and stabbed.

The prosecution made the case that Jayson was lured to a Pooraka property over a dispute involving designer sunglasses. There witnesses say he was tied up and beaten before being put in the boot of a car and driven into the Adelaide Hills where the witnesses say he tried to escape. He was chased down and stabbed before being left on the roadside.

The jury rejected claims by the defence for Badcock that there was insufficient evidence that his client was even there, and claims the witness testimony was unreliable, finding him and the two others guilty in a decision that took less than 2 hours.


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