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Boy Saved After Sand Hole Collapse On Pt Elliot Beach

HorseshoeBay hole collapse.JPG

An 11 year old boy has been rescued by CFS crews after becoming trapped in a hole in the sand he’d been digging on the beach at Horseshoe Bay yesterday.

Around 1:30 the walls of the up to1.5 metre deep hole collapsed, trapping Jordon Spratt up to eye level.

Members of the public including off duty police officer Lenny Carlier along with the boy's friends rushed to his aid, calling in emergency crews who helped the boy breathe while he was dug out, at one stage using a piece of garden hose to get air through the sand.

He was finally pulled free of the hole at 2pm, nearly an hour after becoming trapped. He was taken to the South Coast District Hospital in a stable condition luckily uninjured.

An excavator was brought in to fill the holes.

Image: @7NewsAdelaide (twitter)