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Victim Impact Statements Heard In Hayborough Murder Case

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The daughter of David Saunders, who was brutally murdered in Hayborough in February last year, has written a victim impact statement accusing her father’s killer of not caring and that she will never forgive him.

Leslie Talbot was found guilty of the 2017 murder where he stabbed, bashed and stomped on the victim before dropping a fruit cake on his head. Police had dropped Talbot off at Mr Saunders hme after they'd intervened in a fight between Mr Talbot and his adult son.

It's believed Talbot had already been drinking and continued to do so after arriving at Mr Saunders home. Police didn't see any agression after they left Mr Talbot at the property saying the pair were laughing together along with Mr Talbots room mate Eldon Crouch who was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Stephanie Saunders statement was read out during sentencing submissions this week, calling the crime vile and senseless and accusing Talbot of thinking he was the big man as he sat back drinking while her father lay dying.

Talbot has never revealed why he attacked Mr Saunders and has shown no remorse for his crime, he will be sentenced later this month.


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