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Fire Danger Season To Start Early In The Murraylands


The Murraylands fire danger season will kick in 2 weeks early this year, the date brought forward to November 1st.

The Mt lofty Ranges season has yet to be announced, the dry winter and warmer than average temperatures in spring have led to the decision.

"Despite some areas in the state experiencing a drought, recent fires have shown us that they can still move quickly despite a reduction in fuel to burn," Acting Director of Preparedness Operations Brett Loughlin said.

The CFS calling on property owners to clear fuel loads around their hones now in preparation and for farmers getting into harvest, to take extra precautions including making sure there is always a water source nearby.

"People can reduce the risk of fire impacting their property by doing simple things to reduce fine fuels. This means clearing vegetation near their homes, ensuring grass is mowed and maintained, clearing gutters etc."

"For those planning to burn excess vegetation on their property, please be reminded to clear a four metre break around any piles, this includes grass and leaf litter. Have someone in attendance at all times with a sustainable water source in case the fire spreads."

"In recent weeks CFS crews have been called to multiple, unattended burn-offs that spread into surrounding areas."

"It is also important to continue monitoring the fire on the days following the burn to ensure it has not rekindled."