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Fencing And Stormwater Dispute Contributed To Adelaide Hills Murder

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A bitter dispute over fencing and stormwater is believed to have led to the stabbing murder of 51 Kevin Skeyhill in the Adelaide Hills last year.

Skeyhill had just returned home to Tungkillo with a friend in September 2017 when he was confronted by his neighbour Darren Lorke who stabbed him in the chest with a large knife before dragging him 14 metres up the driveway and calling triple 0.


Mr Lorke had drugs and alcohol in his system at the time of the murder, telling the Triple 0 operator that three men were after him and he'd gone one pretty bad.

The court has heard how tensions had been escalating between the pair after Mr Lorke trespassed onto Mr Skeyhills property to dig a trench that diverted stormwater run off from his lawn.

Mr Skeyhill retaliated by throwing dirt onto his neighbours roof and digging up part of his lawn which saw the pair come to blows. After that Mr Skeyhill then installed security cameras and floodlights that shone into Mr lorke's property.

Mr Lorke has pleaded not guilty by reason of self defence, the trial is expected to run for two weeks.


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