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Paris - How You Can Help and The Relief Operation

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How you can help

Paris and the world is in mourning after at least 127 people were killed in a series of terrorist attacks, with many more injured.

The French President François Hollande closed the country’s borders and upped military presence on the streets of Paris. At least eight attackers have been killed and unconfirmed reports of others being detained at the country's borders continue to come in.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Many continue to mourn and the world has shown incredible support for France through social media.

In Australia halfway around the globe, what can we do to help? There are some practical ways to offer support.


Support the French Red Cross


Local organisations on the ground can have an immediate impact and supporting these organisations is one of the best ways to help. The French Red Cross posted on Facebook that it had mobilised 300 volunteers to bring relief to victims on Friday.

You can donate here. https://www.ammado.com/nonprofit/crf

Support Médecins Sans Frontières


Another French aid organisation. MSF or Doctors Without Borders was founded in Paris in 1971 and has provided assistance internationally to populations whose life of health is threatened. They have a number of relief initiatives running to support the victims of the attack.

You can donate here: https://soutenir.croix-rouge.fr/


Support Secours populaire française


Providing aid and relief throughout the world, this organisation is well placed to provide aid for it's home country. The president of this organisation released an official statement saying that in the aftermath of these events, great “gestures of humanity” are required.

You can donate here: https://www.secourspopulaire.fr/don

The Relief Effort

Around the world, those closer to Paris have been donating blood.


Facebook has helped with a Safety Check Feature which activates during widespread disasters, allowing users to see if any friends or family are in Paris. If you’re in an affected area you can mark yourself as safe.


Others have helped with housing and shelter efforts. In an extraordinary show of solidarity, many Parisians began using the hashtag #PorteOuverte, meaning “open door”, to offer their homes as shelter for those needing a safe place to sleep in the aftermath of the attacks. As many subway lines were disrupted many couldn’t get home.

The hashtag went further, with plane delays to France around the world, many in America started the hashtag #StrandedInUS, offering places to stay for those who couldn’t get home to France.

Airbnb also activated a disaster relief tool.