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Special Exemption Leads to SA COVID-19 Case


SA Labor has questioned the State Government's decision to allow an overseas traveller to prematurely cross state borders, bringing COVID-19 into SA.

Late on Tuesday 26 May, the State Government revealed the first case of coronavirus in 19 days.

A woman in her 50s travelled from the United Kingdom to Victoria where she had been quarantined in a hotel for less than a week, before being granted a special exemption to travel to South Australia on the weekend.

SA Health's Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said the woman is now isolating in an Adelaide Hotel.

"I can absolutely reassure the South Australian public that she is in isolation and that there is no one else is at risk from this case now in South Australia," said Professor Spurrier on Tuesday.

Shadow Minister for Health Chris Picton said news was announced with little detail and many unanswered questions including what the flight details were, why the government granted special exemption to the woman and why it took a whole day to notify the public given that SA Health knew on Monday afternoon.

"It’s vital South Australians have confidence in our border restrictions, and transparency is key," Shadow Minister Picton said.

"The public has a right to know the answers to simple questions about this special exemption which has led to a positive COVID-19 case."

CC Photo by Mattinbgn of the border between South Australia and Victoria on the Princes Highway, Wikimedia