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Coorong Council Surveys Primary Producers on GM Crops

640px CSIRO ScienceImage 3974 Canola Flowers

Coorong District Council is seeking feedback from primary producers on a recent change to Genetically Modification (GM) legislation. 

With the SA moratorium for GM crops lifted in state parliament after 15 years, councils may apply to remain a designated ‘non-GM area’ for marketing and trade purposes.

The legislation stipulates an opportunity for each individual Council area in SA to make an application to the Minister for Primary Industries to be designated a non-GM area, with the final decision to be made by the Minister.

Coorong District Council is currently considering whether to proceed with this application and is surveying stakeholders in a five minute online survey due in by 5pm on Friday 3 July 2020. Further information is also available on the council's website.

Photo CC photo of canola flowers by Carl Davies, CSIRO