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New Wastewater Plant - Less Stinky, More Sustainable


A $52 million upgrade to Murray Bridge’s wastewater network is now complete.

The Brinkley  plant is up and running and is treating and up to 4.5 million litres of sewage a day from more than 14,000 people in Murray Bridge.

SA Water’s Senior Manager of Community and Stakeholder Engagement Matthew Bonnett said the new plant replaces the 1970s-built facility adjacent the Murray Bridge Marina and aims to support local population and industry growth through a daily capacity increase of two million litres, as well as enhanced treatment processes and odour control facilities. 

“The new plant incorporates an odour control unit designed to remove 99.95 per cent of odour and an advanced biological treatment process to help break down sewage into sludge in a more compact and efficient way. As with the previous facility, it will also recycle 100 per cent of treated wastewater for irrigation use.," Mr Bonnett said.

In a first for SA Water, the Murray Bridge project has received design certification from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

It has achieved the highest design rating to date for a water or wastewater project assessed by ISCA and has been recognised for the integration of governance, environmental, social and economic outcomes during the design phase, which will continue through construction and operation.