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Chaos During Border Closure


There has been chaos at the Victorian border to SA overnight as the hard closure came into effect at midnight.

Cars were queuing up for kilometres trying to make a last minute dash for SA before requiring a permit for entry.

A backlog of 24,000 crossing applications has forced police to let some people in though without fully assessing them.

It follows news of Victoria recording another 134 cases of coronavirus on Wednesday.

The State Opposition has criticised SAPOL for deleting a post on social media (pictured below) which warned of the delays and interim approvals.

Shadow Minister for Health & Wellbeing Chris Picton has expressed concern about allowing people through without approval.

"We are at a critical point in this pandemic with an outbreak in Victoria, we cannot any measures which could risk an outbreak in SA," Mr Picton said.

"Steven Marshall needs to explain exactly what is happening at our border, why there are delays and whether interim approvals are being granted."

Screenshot of SAPOL facebook post on 8 July supplied by Labor, photo at top royalty free file photo, Pxfuel