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One Million Tree Project Launches

Eucalyptus gregsoniana trees by Ian Brooker and David Kleinig WikiCommons

The One Million Trees project has launched today ahead of National Tree Day on Sunday. 

Alexandrina Council has supported the ambitious community-led plan to plant a million trees by 2030.

Port Elliot-Middleton Ward Councillor Michael Scott OAM first introduced the initiative in the council's June meeting.

"In support of council's Climate Emergency Declaration, I suggest that council play a role in helping to encourage community groups, service clubs, rural landowners, schools and residents in an ambitious goal to collectively plant, and record progress toward planting, one million trees across the Alexandrina region by 2030," Cr Scott said.

In the council's July meeting, elected members carried an amended motion from Cr Scott to support the project by setting up and promoting an online system documenting and tracking the progress of the project.

Cr Scott said the trees will not only improve the landscape but could sequester more than 65,000 tonnes of CO2 in future.

Photo Eucalyptus gregsoniana by Ian Brooker and David Kleinig, WikiCommons