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Residents Opposing Aged Care Home Development in Murray Bridge

RSL Care SA Murray

A number of residents in Murray Bridge are opposed to the plan for a new aged care home in the region.

The council is assessing a proposal by RSL Care SA to build a $22 million, 72-bed, aged care home 38-40 and 42 Tumbella Drive, with a car park and publicly accessible cafe.

The non-for-profit organisation says the new home, to be named Romani, will be a modern facility designed to take into account risks associated with the coronavirus and influenza.

Residents Jo Harris and ex-Councillor Phil Nutt are among around 27 residents who responded to the council's plan with concerns about the placement at a quiet and narrow residential street (which is approximately 6 metres wide).

"It will certainly increase traffic flow in the area, which a safety concern for a number of reasons... their large delivery trucks, rubbish trucks, they'll be there at least six times a week," Ms Harris said.

While the proposal includes a car park, there are concerns that staff and visitor cars could spill out on to the street.

"If you're going have vehicles parked on both sides of the street... that's going to be a safety concern, God forbid, we have a fire," Ms Harris said.

Michael Sedgman, CEO Rural City of Murray Bridge said the application is currently being assessed by Council’s planning staff which will then be presented to the Council Assessment Panel for determination.

"At the Panel meeting represents who have lodged valid representations indicating a desire to be heard, and the applicant, will have the opportunity to address the Panel in support of their submissions," Mr Sedgman said.

Phil Nutt said the level of opposition to the plan is unprecidented in his experience as a former councillor with the city.

"There is a large number of residents on Tumbella Drive who are objecting to it... which is unheard of, and because of the large number of objections the hearing has now been moved from the Local Government Centre to the Town Hall," Mr Nutt said.

RSL Care SA has not yet responded to our request for comment on residents' concerns with the plan.

Story by Jennie Lenman

Image at top, an artists impression of the aged care home in Murray Bridge,  RSL Care SA