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Poll - 99% Support Mandatory Testing at Border


The overwhelming majority of our readers  agree there should be mandatory COVID-19 testing at the SA/ Victorian border. 

Testing of arrivals from Vic/ NSW and ACT is compulsory, though the traveller is required to obtain their own test and provide proof rather than undergo a supervised test at the border.

Over the past week we’ve been polling you online, asking "Should COVID-19 Testing Be Mandatory at the VIC Border?"

A whopping 99 per cent of respondents said 'yes', 1 per cent said 'no'.

In the final week of July, nearly 13,000 Victorians came into SA. The number was dramatically halved in the first week of August just after the hard border closure came into effect.

Victoria has 14,659 overall cases of coronavirus (7,854 cases are currently active).

Photo by Tom Wolf, Flickr