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Small Businesses May Struggle to Access Tourism Package

Summer vineyard on the Adelaide Hills Wine Estate by freeaussiestock dot com

The State Government's $20 million Tourism Industry Fund will not be accessible for many small businesses, according to Labor.

In order to receive grants between $20,000 and $500,000, tourism operators must fund 70 per cent of their proposed project.

Shadow Tourism Minister Zoe Bettison has called on the Marshall Liberal Government to expand its investment in tourism to ensure smaller businesses have access to financial help.

"The vast majority of tourism operators are simply trying to survive. They need immediate support. The Government’s Development Fund, while welcome, may not be easily accessible for smaller businesses," Shadow Minister Bettison said.

She is proposing an alternative scheme.

"SA tourism businesses have been backing Labor’s tourism voucher scheme, similar to what is done in the NT and Tasmania. It’s good for the economy, for workers and encourages South Australians to explore their backyard."

Photo of summer vineyard on the Adelaide Hills Wine Estate by freeaussiestock.com