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Double-Murderer Could Get 40% Off Sentence

mt gambier court from google maps

Pawel Klosowski, who yesterday admitted to killing his son and his son’s girlfriend in the state's South-East, could get a discount on his prison sentence of up to 40 per cent.

On Monday 21 September the 46-year-old pleaded guilty in court to the murder of Lukasz Klosowski and his long-term girlfriend Chelsea Ireland following a family gathering at his rental property near Millicent on Saturday August 22.

Two of his three young stepchildren witnessed the incident.

As he has made an early plea, Mr Klosowski qualifies for a large discount on his sentence.

The State Labor party has been pushing to reform the sentencing law.

After a retired Supreme Court judge recommended changes in a report handed to the State Government early last year, in July 2020 Labor moved a Bill to fix the issue. 

The Marshall Government introduced its own Bill in September but, according to Shadow Attorney-General Kyam Maher, they left out a range of violent and sexual offences.

"Child sex offenders, drug king-pins and wife-killers have been eligible for bigger discounts and now a double murderer may benefit from the government’s delays," Mr Maher said.

Photo of Mount Gambier Magistrates Court, Google Maps