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Daylight Saving Is Coming Whether You Like it or Not

Goolwa sunset by Mike Seyfang flickr 

Daylight saving will start this Sunday 4 October for South Australia, which joins New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and Tasmania in turning clocks forward by an hour at 2am.

Some medical experts called for this year's daylight saving to be cancelled in the midst of the pandemic as it affects cognitive function and rates of road accidents and heart attacks increase after the switch over each year.

However, many people support daylight saving, particularly office workers who can enjoy an extra hour of sunshine in the afternoons/evenings.

The tourism industry also profits from brighter evenings. Longer nights give people more time to go shopping, to restaurants, or other events, which can boost the local economy.

Over the past week in our web poll, we asked readers 'Should We Cancel 2020 Daylight Saving?' with a slim majority in favor of keeping it going.

Of the 173 respondents, 53 per cent said 'No - I enjoy having an extra hour of sunshine in the afternoon' while 47 per cent said 'Yes - I find it too disruptive on my sleep pattern.'

Photo of Goolwa sunset by Mike Seyfang, Flickr