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Plan to Grow SA Food, Wine and Agribusiness Sector


SA’s food, wine and agribusiness sectors have an ambitious plan to dramatically increase output by 2030 .

The industry-led plan, released this week, sets out a pathway for a sector that employs more than 76,000 people, with an aim to grow revenue by 3 per cent per year from $15.2 billion (2018-19) to a target of $23 billion in revenue within this decade.

Part of the State Government’s 'Growth State initiative', the Food, Wine and Agribusiness Sector Plan sets out a pathway for growth.

“Food, wine and agribusiness are key pillars of South Australia’s economy, and their importance has been further highlighted in recent times as we’ve worked through recovery efforts, first for drought and bushfire, then COVID-19,” said Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, David Basham.

The plan to grow the sector to $23 billion by 2030 focusses on six key components, including adopting new technology to grow productivity, developing a skilled workforce, improving digital and transport infrastructure, creating new market opportunities, ensuring production is sustainable and establishing an operating environment that is supported by responsive and effective regulation.

South Australian Wine Industry Chief Executive, Brian Smedley, said local winemakers are good at respecting their heritage while looking to the future for sustainable innovation.

“This gives the wine and grape industry a unique proposition to look toward a sustainable growth trajectory, as outlined by the Growth State Sector plan, through adoption of key initiatives.”

Food South Australia Chief Executive Catherine Sayer said she believes the plan sets a clear pathway to continue to improve competitiveness and profitability for the food and beverage industry.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been heartening to see how South Australians threw their support behind local food producers, growers and manufacturers," Ms Sayer said.

The Food, Wine and Agribusiness Growth Sector Plan is jointly owned by partners Primary Producers SA (PPSA), Food South Australia, the South Australian Wine Industry Association, and the South Australian Government, who will form the Steering Committee responsible for driving the sector plan, along with the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, and the Department for Trade and Investment.

For more information: www.23billionby2030.com.au 

Photo by seb from Pexels