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Hills Council Considers Charging for Hard Waste


The Adelaide Hills Council will tonight discuss the possibility of co-charging residents for hard waste collection.

Cnr Leith Mudge said the current East Waste service, which for the past few years, has offered free collection of 2 cubic metres and 1 mattress (per household, per year) has been so popular that the cost has blown out.

The cost in total for all collections is greater than the amount currently budgeted, according to the Ranges Ward Councillor.

Cnr Mudge has turned to local social media, including the private group, Bridgewater Adelaide Hills residents,  to ask what people think of paying around $44 per collection of waste and $23 dollars per mattress pick-up. He said the service would still be 50% subsidised by Council.

Hundreds of people have responded to the proposal, some happy with the concept, others concerned that it could lead to more illegal dumping.

Photo East Waste, supplied