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Fruit Fly Detected in Imported Stone Fruit

Photo of peaches by Couleur on Pixnio

Peaches and nectarines have been stripped from Adelaide supermarkets following the discovery of fruit fly larvae in transported goods from Victoria.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has issued a recall of commercial stone fruits, according to  Executive Director of Biosecurity, Nathan Rhodes.

“During the last week there have been a number of larvae detection in Victorian produce reported to PIRSA through the fruit fly hotline which was purchased from a variety of retail outlets including Aldi,  Coles, Woolworths and a local farmer’s market," Nathan Rhodes said.  

With the state responding to a series of fruit fly outbreaks across metropolitan Adelaide and the  Riverland, he added that the situation is being closely monitored. 

“Maintaining our status as the only mainland state that is fruit fly free is vital to South Australia’s $1.3  billion horticultural industry, 37,500 jobs and 4,000 businesses that are at risk of fruit fly," Mr Rhodes said.

Consumers are being asked to check their fruit and if they spot larvae or maggots,  to seal the fruit in a zip-lock bag and contact the state’s emergency 24-hour fruit fly hotline on 1300 666 010.

“The Department is following up as to why the pre-delivery treatment of this fruit under the interstate  certification assurance process seems to have failed in this instance and until the investigation is  complete controls have been put in place on future consignments from the affected suppliers."

For further advice on keeping South Australia fruit fly free visit www.fruitfly.sa.gov.au.

Photo of peaches by Couleur on Pixnio