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Campbelltown Council Continues to Pursue Hills Rezone

campbelltown hills rezone map

The Campbelltown City Council is continuing its push to absorb two Adelaide Hills Council suburbs despite opposition from community members.

The Council plans to claim Woodforde and Rostrevor from its eastern neighbour, which would affect 495 property owners paying more than $1 million a year in rates.

The results of a survey commissioned by Campbelltown Council reveal the majority of the respondents (62%) were not in favour of the boundary change and one in two residents (55%) strongly opposed the boundary change proposal.

The Adelaide Hills Council Mayor Jan-Claire Wisdom said the results, which mirror a 2020 survey, send a strong message from the affected community that they wish to remain part of the AHC.

“You can’t force people to feel they belong to another community or punish them for using services in other councils,” said Dr Wisdom.

The Mayor added that she is disappointed at the lack of any robust debate by Campbelltown Councillors and questions the motivation behind pursuing realignment.

“Boundary reform was never supposed to be just about money. At its core it is about community and the boundary reform legislation is deeply flawed if it can successfully be used in this predatory way.”

If the Campbelltown Council lodges a Stage 2 submission it will up to the Boundaries Commission to determine if the proposal has sufficient merit to trigger further investigation, at which stage both Councils would be able to make further representations.

Image at top: A map of the proposed boundary change, supplied