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Significant Trees Deliberately Poisoned on Hindmarsh Island


Environmental vandalism is becoming an increasing problem on Hindmarsh Island.

Four significant trees including a 50-year-old River Red Gum and a Eucalyptus Lehmannii appear to be dying at Captain Sturt Parade, adjacent to the entry to the boat ramp reserve.

Drilled holes were discovered at the bottom of the tree trunks in March, where it is believed poison was administered.

An Alexandrina Council spokesperson said inquiries are underway. With sufficient evidence, the person/s responsible could receive a fine of up to $5,000.

Hindmarsh Island Landcare Group project manager Richard Owen said the sad incident follows other examples of environmental vandalism on the island in the past 12 months including four instances of road-side plants being deliberately run over and destroyed.

"For some reason people do these sorts of things. I can't understand it. It seems crazy at a time when we should be greening the landscape, climate change being one of them," Richard Owen said.

Photo of gum tree with a drill hole by Cnr Melissa Rebbeck/Facebook.