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Warning to Fruit Growers Following Bat Disease Scare


A warning to local fruit growers and residents amid reports of a fatal bat disease.

SA Health has issued a warning  after two people were recently exposed to two flying foxes carrying Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABL).

The two trained fauna rescue carers who were exposed to the bats had been vaccinated against the rabies-like disease and did not contract it. 

Department for Health and Wellbeing’s Communicable Disease Control Branch Director, Dr Louise Flood, said the exposures were the third time ABL had been confirmed in bats in SA, with the first detected in 2012.

The Apple and Pear Growers Association SA Chief Executive, Susie Green, has told the Courier that growers should not handle injured animals if they are caught in their nets and to instead contact Bat Rescue SA or Fauna Rescue SA.

Story and photo of Flying Foxes in SA by Jennie Lenman, 5MU