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Regional SA Property Sales Booming

Adelaide Hills cottage near Forest Range Yeti Hunter wikimedia

Property values in regional SA have boomed since the start of the year. 

The Fleurieu-Kangaroo Island area is one of Australia's top 15 performing regional areas with prices increasing by 8.1 per cent for the three months to April 2021, compared to an increase of 6.3% for regional properties nationally.

Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island also experienced the greatest increase in property values for regional SA over the past 12 months (at 15.6%) and median prices reached a new record of almost half a million dollars ($440,469).

A year on from the beginning of COIVD, demand for property continues to grow with more people from Adelaide and other capital cities (primarily Melbourne and Sydney) moving to the area.

A surge in the number of construction loans recently ($25,000 government incentive) has also been popular with first home buyers and younger people.

Photo of Adelaide Hills cottage near Forest Range by Yeti Hunter, Wikimedia