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Time to Move Quarantine Out of City Hotels - Poll Results

Woomera Detention Centre from Google Maps

The majority of our readers agree that it is time to move COVID quarantine out of the city and into the regions.

The Federal Government faces mounting pressure to assist states and territories in managing quarantine after several outbreaks have come from city hotels around the country, including in Adelaide.

Victoria and NSW have asked the Commonwealth to create an alternative quarantine arrangement, claiming hotels in the city are not effective in controlling the virus.

Some commentators suggest utilising existing buildings like  the Woomera or Inverbrackie Detention Facilities.

Over the past week we’ve been asking you in our online poll ‘Should SA establish remote quarantine facilities rather than using city hotels?’

Of the respondents, 84 per cent of respondents selected 'yes' while just 16 per cent chose 'no'. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is unlikely to make the move however, as he has publicly backed the current hotel system.

Photo of Woomera Detention Centre from Google Maps