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Shed Fires Costing South Australians $6M A Year

shed by Daniel Mee on Flickr

Shed and garage fires are costing South Australian households over $6 million a year.

Over the past three years, MFS and CFS crews have battled 370 shed and garage fires with a collective damage bill of over $19 million dollars.

MFS Community Engagement Officer, Douglas MacDonald-Taylor said sheds and garages often contain a mixture of dangerous items that could lead to fires.

“Sheds and garages are often stocked with LPG cylinders, paint thinners, oils, fuel, butane cans, re-chargeable batteries, pool and cleaning chemicals. Sparks can ignite fuel, paint thinners, cleaning products or solvents or their vapour, leading to a fire," Douglas MacDonald-Taylor said.

“Refuel and use fuel only in a well-ventilated area and not near any open flame. Some sheds or garages are also used as sleep-outs that have heating and cooking facilities, which brings added risks.”

“We’re urging the community to be mindful of what their sheds and garages contain, and to have safe procedures when using power tools, handling chemicals, fuel, oil or gas cylinders. If your shed or garage is used as a sleep-out, we strongly encourage you to install a working smoke alarm."

For more comprehensive home fire safety tips on hazardous materials, barbeques, electrical hazards, self heating and spontaneous ignition and cooking go to mfs.sa.gov.au.  

Photo by Daniel Mee on Flickr, supplied