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Call for More Youth Engagement on Climate Policies


There are calls for young people across our regions to be given a greater say in their future.

A new report from UNICEF shows that Australia ranks 30 out of 39 economically advanced countries on the impact of environmental conditions on children's wellbeing.

While Australia ranks positively in the top 10 of countries featured in the report for issues such as pollution and child-friendly environments, as a nation we fare badly overall because of our unsustainable consumption of resources, the amount of electronic waste generated each year and our carbon emissions.

Globally, while Spain, Ireland and Portugal feature at the top of the league table overall, all OECD and EU countries are failing to provide healthy environments for all children across all indicators. Some of the wealthiest countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada and the United States, have a severe and widespread impact on global environments – based on CO2 emissions, e-waste and overall consumptions of resources per capita.

UNICEF Australia is calling for government to create a National Youth Advisory Council to give young people a direct link to government and to help shape government thinking when it comes to issues affecting young people.

Photo at top by Afta Putta Gunawan supplied via pexels.com