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New Fee for Wirrina Cove Marina Users

 Wirrina Cove in 2015 by Danimations supplied WikiMedia

Fees are being reintroduced for the Wirrina Cove Marina now that improvements have been made to the facility.

Works have included maintenance of pontoons, CCTV and the appointment of an onsite marina manager.

From July 1 2022, those wanting to have boat ramp access and berthing will have to pay for the use of the facility, to help with the ongoing maintenance and management of the Marina. 

A single fee for boat ramp use will be $10 while casual birthing will be between $60 and $380 depending on the size of boat and length of stay. Annual commercial fishing business boat ramp fees will be $500 and for charter tourism operators, the annual cost for berthing will be $1,000.

For more information, visit SA.GOV.AU - Wirrina Marina (www.sa.gov.au)

Photo of Wirrina Cove marina 2015 by Danimations, supplied via WikiMedia