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SES Warns of High Murray River Flows

Murray River downstream of Headings Cliffs SA supplied Wikimedia Commons

The SA State Emergency Service (SES) advises that the River Murray is predicted to experience the first high flow of the season on or around Monday 27 June.

While high flows  between 40,000 ML/day and 45,000 ML/day are expected until mid-July, flooding is not predicted. Over 60,000ML/day is required for a Minor Flood Warning to be issued.

The Community Update issued this morning aims to raise awareness and monitoring in the community of the potential hazards associated with high flows in the River Murray. 

The hazards of high flow are associated with the operation of watercraft, swimming, canoeing, and other activities in the main channel and estuaries.

Submerged objects and debris being carried downstream may pose a hazard to water-based activities.

High flows may also impact navigation of the River Murray.

People living along or visiting the River Murray are advised to be aware of the risk and take safety precautions on the water over the coming months as we see water from the Eastern States moving through South Australia.

Is it safe to go the River Murray?

Yes, people are encouraged to enjoy the River Murray, while being aware of the hazards and acting responsibly to stay safe. The River Murray is at its healthiest with high flows and provides amazing tourism opportunities.

In the interests of community safety, the following precautions are recommended:

  • Always wear a personal flotation device when on the river.
  • Do not jump or dive into the river when you do not know what is below the surface.
  • Supervise children at all times and do not allow them to play in or near fast-flowing river water.
  • When operating a boat on the floodplain or near inundated riverbanks, be aware of submerged obstacles such as trees and fence lines.
  • Monitor river levels in your area.

For further information about River Murray Flow, check the Department for Environment and Water website.

The SA Emergency infoline is also available on 1800 362 361.

Photo of Murray River, downstream of Headings Cliffs, SA, supplied Wikimedia Commons