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Community Tensions Rise on Kanmantoo Odour Issue


There is a community meeting being held next Monday to address complaints from some locals of a 'stench' in Kanmantoo, Callington and surrounding communities.

St Ives resident Peter Roberts  said he believes Neutrog’s development of its fertiliser plant in the past two years has increased a strong unpleasant smell in the district.

"There are very few days, in the Summer months particuarly, when [community members] are not affected by the stench... it's affecting their lifestyle, its affecting their health, I can tell you there are people that are extremely stressed from this whole situation... and the businesses of Kanmantoo," Peter Roberts said.

Neutrog lodged an Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in April.

While waiting for the EPA to respond to Neutrog in respect of the EIP work has continued on odour tracing, monitoring and modelling and odour source assessment at the Neutrog site and surrounds.

A meeting with Neutrog, the EPA and Mt Barker District Council was held on the 10th June to engage the three organisations in working towards a shared approach to resolving the odour issues impacting on the local community, with an upcoming meeting to continue the mediation process and investigation.

According to a letter notifying residents of the July 4 meeting, Neutrog plans to follow up with the EPA and Council to  gain access to information on the operation of a nearby Raw Sewerage Treatment Plant that receives raw sewage from a Mt Barker Housing Development.

Neutrog has declined to comment at this stage, while the EPA has provided this statement:

"The EPA continues to work with Neutrog to develop effective odour mitigation measures and an Environment Improvement Program (EIP) for the site. The odour issue and potential solutions involve collaborative effort between the EPA, Neutrog, Council and the community. 

"The EIP requires that a specialist analyse and interpret the results from odour modelling, and undertake further monitoring and odour source assessment to provide clear connection to odour reduction methods.

"Importantly, in order for the EIP to be to the EPA’s satisfaction and in accordance with the requirements of licence conditions, it needs to undertake public consultation and have regard to any submissions made during the course of public consultation in the development of the EIP.

"Since the EIP has not been submitted to the EPA by the compliance date, an expiation has been issued for contravention of a licence condition."

Community Update Session Info

A community update session is scheduled for Monday 4th July at the Callington Community Centre from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Light refreshments, tea and coffee will be provided. Register your attendance via Eventbrite by Thursday 30th June 2022.

For further information from the EPA, including community updates, see the EPA Engage page at:  Neutrog | Engage EPA.

Hear local resident Peter Roberts talk more about his concerns with Jennie Lenman in the below podcast window:

Story by Jennie Lenman, Photo at top (file photo of manure) by Rob Bertholf,  supplied via Flickr