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Whales Putting on a Show Today on South Coast

640px Southern right whale breaching South Africa

The South Coast has been a hive of activity today, with reported sightings of whales from Petrel Cove, Victor Harbor right through to Middleton. 

Encounter Bay Right Whale Study (EBRWS) field researchers have been busily tracking the whereabouts of whales in the area today, Tuesday 28 June.

Just after midday, three whales were spotted 100 metres offshore in the middle of Petrel Cove, Victor Harbor, and another travelling east from the Bluff.

Buttons and her calf have also been spotted 600m South of Middleton Point just milling about.

Earlier four whales were seen in the middle of Petrel Cove between the Bluff, West Island and Kings Beach. Two other whales have been spotted 800 to 1000m southeast of The Bluff, Victor Harbor.

Stay tuned to the group's Facebook page as more whale sightings come in through the day. 

Grab the camera, binoculars and a warm jacket and head to one of the many vantage points along the southern Fleurieu Peninsula's coastline during the whale watching season. 

Photo of Southern Right Whale breaching, Olga Ernst, Wikipedia