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Landmark Agreement for Local Uber Drivers


A landmark agreement has been struck between Uber and the Transport Workers Union (TWU), in a bid to support rideshare and food delivery drivers servicing Adelaide, the Hills and surrounds.

Michael Kaine, National Secretary of TWU, was joined by Uber Managing Director Dom Taylor and Uber Eats Managing Director Bec Nyst on Tuesday 28 June to sign the Statement of Principles and Future Commitments for Workers in the On-demand Economy.

It is the first time in Australia that a platform company has struck a deal with a union across both the rideshare and food delivery industries and is the result of months of detailed discussions.

National Secretary of TWU, Michael Kaine, said the move is a a significant and positive development in the years-long campaign led by gig economy workers to modernise out-of-date industrial laws

"The TWU and Uber today endorse a strong regulatory solution to put the debate to rest: an independent body to establish universal earnings protections and minimum standards that will support flexibility, safety and security across the on-demand industry. These Principles, endorsed by our gig worker committee, set a path towards a gig economy that’s safer, more sustainable and less volatile for all industry participants," Michael Kaine said.

General Manager of Uber, Dom Taylor, said the historic agreement will help protect and support gig workers, including those who service Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and surrounds.

“Gig workers make a significant contribution to our economy and this agreement aspires to lift the standard," Dom Taylor said. 

Story Jennie Lenman/ photo supplied by Uber Australia and New Zealand