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Baby Boom at Monarto Safari Park

Addax calf Photo Geoff Brooks

There has been a baby boom at Monarto Safari Park.

In the past week, the park has welcomed a Plains Zebra foal, a Nyala calf, Eland calf and a critically-endangered Addax calf.

The little ones join Nyekundu, the park’s three-week-old giraffe calf, two Plains Zebra foals, Cheetah cubs, African Lion cubs and an additional four Nyala calves – all born since the beginning of 2022.

Monarto Safari Park Director, Peter Clark, said the birth of the Addax calf was particularly exciting considering the species’ status in the wild.

“The birth of an Addax calf is particularly significant as there are less than a hundred of the species left in the wild," Peter Clark said.

Addax are now only found in isolated pockets of the Sahara Desert. Known for their long thin spiral horns, the antelope species has faced threats from poaching and habitat loss.

The flurry of new arrivals has kept the Ungulate team busy as they also prepare for the opening of the Wild Africa safari experience.

Set to be complete in early 2023, visitors and those staying at a resort by a private investor Gerry Ryan will be able to adventure through Wild Africa to see species roam the plains from open-sided vehicles.

Photo of Addax calf Photo Geoff Brooks, supplied Zoos SA