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EPA Tackles Fertiliser Plant Odour Issue


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added a new condition to the operating licence of a Kanmantoo-based fertiliser producer, following numerous complaints about odour from the community.

Neutrog will be required to have an air quality specialist analyse odour monitoring and modelling data by Friday 12 August, followed by further assessment to identify measures by September 9 to take to reduce the smell.

The company will also have to assess “the effectiveness of building an enclosed structure for receiving, handling and processing all chicken manure feedstock to reduce odour" as it is currently conducted outside.

The direcive follows numerous complaints from residents in Kanmantoo, Callington and surrounds since 2021 over the odour, and a lack of effective odour-reduction strategies undertaken by Neutrog since.

In July, Neutrog Australia said the stench could be attributed to an expanding wastewater treatment plant nearby. The company also launched legal action against the EPA at the time, arguing against an expiation notice as it had complied with its obligations for submission of an Environmental Improvement Program.

“An appeal has been lodged against the determination made by the EPA to reject it, the issuing of an expiation notice and the imposition of additional conditions of its licence," a Neutrog Australia statement read.

“Neutrog is confident of its position, but as these matters are now before the courts will not be making any further comment.”

A two-decade long campaign against Neutrog by community spokesperson Peter Roberts has ramped up in recent months, particuarly following a major expansion of the plant in the past two years, which he says has created a 'stentch' that significantly worsens the lifestyles of residents and businesses.

Hear Peter Roberts respond to the news about the EPA conditions this morning in his interview with Jennie Lenman (via the podcast play button below):

Photo at top (file photo of manure) by Rob Bertholf,  supplied via Flickr