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Petition To Build Pedestrian Crossing At Mt Barker Crash Site Grows

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More than 2000 people have now signed a petition to have pedestrian crossing installed on Wellington Rd in Mt Barker after two young girls were hit by a car at the site earlier this month.

Nine and Eleven year old Paige and Charlee were crossing the road near a daycare centre on January 5 when they were struck by a car, Charlee thrown metres by the impact. Luckily both survived the impact and were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Their stepmother Charmaine Keen says they hope the scars will eventually fade both physically and emotionally.

“The bruising is starting to go down, the bumps on the heads are starting to go down, obviously there’s some psychological trauma more so for Paige because Charlee doesn’t remember the impact.”

“Apart from grazes and scratches, we’re hoping there’s not going to be much scarring, if any. It looks like they will make a full recovery.”

Charmaine along with the girls mother Amber De Bruin have now started a petition to lobby the Mt Barker Council and the Department of Transport Planing and Infrastructure to create a pedestrian crossing at the site with Ms Keen saying it needs to happen now.

“One lady reached out, she had actually collected a little boy and he died 38 years ago yet we’re still in the same position with more traffic. “She was disappointed that the people didn’t make the difference last time so she wants to be part of the motion this time.”

Ms Keen and Ms De Bruin will be meeting with Mt Barker Mayor Anne Ferguson on Thursday to discuss the issue, also asking why the money to build the crossings was in the budget but nothing has been done.

“Apparently it was organized for the pedestrian crossing to be installed near the railway line, it was part of the budgeting for 2017/18 but an anonymous caller… said that the council had actually postponed the crossing, that is certainly a question I’ll be putting to the Mayor tomorrow.”


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