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Karoonda East Murray Mayor Says He's Past His Use By Date

Kevin Burdett.jpg

Mayor of the Karoonda East Murray Council Kevin Burdett, has decided he’s past his use by date and won’t be running for the position again in November.

Mr Burdett says while there are already members of council who would make great leaders, he’s calling on passionate and engaged community members to come forward and run for the position to inject some new creativity and ideas into the region.

“Diversity is incredibly important in today’s society and it is no different for Council – the more representative we are of the local community, the better we are able to service their needs,” he says.

“Being an Elected Member has many challenges but it also brings great reward and it is a role which can create real and positive change in your local community,” he says.

The Mayor has been in the position for 18 years with over 20 years at the council in total and says it’s time he takes a step back to focus on enjoying life.

"I'll probably do more fishing and hiking and parachute jumping and I'm going to put my name down to go to the moon when that dude who's going to fly everyone to the moon goes."

"I'll be counting grandchildren, I think it's important to regularly count grandchildren in case that number keeps growing."