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Regional Roads A Killer For Long Weekend Drivers

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Operation Safe Long Weekend kicks off at 3pm today with extra patrols on the roads looking to ensure travellers get to their destination and home again over the next three days.

Fatigue is a major factor in fatal and serious injury crashes across SA, and with 31 of the 36 fatalities occurring on country roads this year, police are urging anyone heading out across regional SA to get enough rest before setting off and take regular breaks if needed.

Superintendent Robert Gray, the head of the Traffic Support Branch says we need to look out for the signs of fatigue and actually act on them.

“We know that analysis of the crash data from the last five years – both in relation to fatalities and serious injury crashes – shows that fatigue is a major issue, particularly on country roads.

“It is vital that drivers take responsibility for their own actions and plan their trip to ensure they take regular breaks and share the driving."

“As drivers we know how dangerous fatigue can be - the heavy eyes, the fading concentration, the micro-sleep are all potential killers.”

10 people have died and over 40 injured over the Queens Birthday long weekend in the last 5 years, last year 3 people lost their lives. The weekend hasn't been fatality free since 2004.


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