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Liberal Voters See Downer As Future Minister

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Results from the Voter Choice Project has found that Liberal voters in the Mayo electorate believe that if Georgina Downer wins on July 28, she’s unlikely to remain on the backbench.

Those voters believe she will be promoted quickly and that a member with a ministerial portfolio would be beneficial to the region.

In other results, the project has found the former member, Centre Alliance’s Rebekha Sharkie is likely to win, possibly even on primaries off the back of her record of helping her electorate while the member previously.

Study participants nationwide were also asked what issues would be the most important when it came to deciding who to vote for. The most frequently mentioned issue in Mayo was the environment followed by local issues; across South Australia the leading issue was health, followed by the environment and taxes; while nationally the leading issue was refugees.


The project is still looking for more participants with the next round to begin on July 15, Project director Raphaella Kathryn Crosby, who is conducting the study as part of her PhD through the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), says more people are wanted to participate in the study so they can delve deeper into the variety of Australia’s voting decisions.

“We’d like to have a good sample from every electorate so we can really start to understand what is going on in each local community – why is one issue more important here than there – and to do that we need Australians to help us, by signing up and having their say on what’s important and
what they think,” Ms Crosby said.

If you're keen to sign up for the project, you can head to the Voter Choice website.


Image: Mayo issues (supplied)