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Planning Approval Submitted For New Brinkley Wastewater Plant

Waste water plant.jpg

With SA Water’s waste water treatment facility in Murray Bridge set to be decommissioned by 2021, the plans for a new plant have been lodged for the State Planning Commissioner’s approval.

SA Water were advised to shut down their riverside facility next to the Long Island Marina and find a new location after it was found the facility was trying to treat water from a population of 14,000 when it was only designed to cope with 12,000 creating 2.1 megalitres of sewage daily.

SA Water has also spent millions maintaining the nearly 50 year old facility which was built below the flood line in a time where they could discharge into the river. The pipes are now corroding and the concrete walls deteriorating, SA Water spending the past two years searching for an ideal site that would be far enough away from neighbours, that didn't adversly affect the local environment or interfere with sites of significance to the local Aboriginal people but still within 10km of Murray Bridge.

After looking north of the township, SA Water settled on the site in Brinkley. While a 500 metre buffer zone is still required around the site, SA Water are advising neighbouring properties that the new plant will be much less smelly that the current facility by up to 90%.

The new plant plans, which took 2 years to prepare, show that the new facility will have more than double the capacity of the current site and will be located on Pfieffer Road. If approved, it will be switched on in 2020.


Image: https://www.saplanningcommission.sa.gov.au/scap