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Phil Harris Stands Down As REISA President After Data Scandal

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President of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia Phil Harris has stepped down from his role just days after he was elected to the position.

Mr Harris and his company Harris Real Estate were caught up in the data breach court case involving former Toop and Toop agent Arabella Hooper, who is based in the Adelaide Hills, the case settling out of court for a record $750,000 over accusations Hooper had stolen client information which was then reportedly willingly and knowingly used by Harris.

Toop and Toop Chairman Anthony Toop has taken to social media to vent against both Harris and Hooper who he says are still attempting to play down their role in the very serious matter.

‘Harris staff were instructed to spend days entering all our stolen files into Harris Data Base. Boxes of data. All bright yellow and every file clearly marked Toop&Toop were delivered to Harris’s Head Office. Staff set up for days in the open area of Harris’s office right in front of the CEO’s Office, Greg Moulton. Did it stop at the CEO? No way. In discovery, disgusting email traffic including Phil himself all getting excited and encouraging this 6 weeks of deception and theft. In full knowledge of all this. It’s simply breathtaking revelations. We uncovered so much, yet there was a real sense we were only getting started.’

Greg Troughton, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia has issued a letter saying that Mr Harris has stepped down from both of his roles in the organisation.

“Mr Phil Harris has tendered his resignation as President and as a Board member of REISA.
The Board has accepted his resignation from those two positions.
The Board will move a discussion at the next convenient meeting so as to find his replacement as President of REISA. Until such time, the Vice President, Mr Brett Roenfeldt OAM, will act as President”.


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