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Strath Development Plan Gets The Go Ahead

Strath DPA map.PNG

The SA Planning Minister has given the Strathalbyn Development Plan the green light, leaving the council free to rezone several areas of land in the township.

The development of the town has been the subject of a heated debate going back several years with a major developer hoping to turn an area outside of the CBD into a retail precinct, a move that was met with push back from some members of the community concerned it will kill the businesses in the two existing retail areas.

A planned community meeting saw 80 people put their hand up to submit their issues, the majority of which, didn’t turn up on the day.

The Alexandrina Council held extensive community consultation, creating the Strathalbyn Township and Environs DPA which looks to rezone four key areas creating a business centre, residential zone, industrial area and open space.

Langhorne Creek Rd

The Langhorne Creek Road land will be rezoned to Open Space ot open up the potential for the land to become a distinctive education and recreation hub.

This hub could accommodate sports grounds, community clubrooms, education centres, camping area and special event infrastructure.

Adelaide Rd

Rezoning the Adelaide Road land to Residential and amending the policy within the Strathalbyn North Policy Area 26 to reflect the desired balance of residential
development, open space and appropriate small scale non-residential development.

The existing concept plan for this policy area will be amended accordingly, along with the removal of a reference to retirement villages, as well as other minor amendments to reflect the current development pattern.

District Centre

Amending the desired character statement, policies and provisions within the Strathalbyn Centre Policy Area 4 to encourage housing for older persons encourage preferred land uses and relocation of nonpreferred land uses, extend the zone boundary and reduce car parking requirements for new development.

Council is committed to unlocking the heart of Strathalbyn as its retail centre. These policy changes and the proposed streetscape improvements will assist in creating a new and vibrant Strathalbyn Town. 

Milnes Rd

Injecting a new objective and desired character statement and relevant provisions to discourage small allotments within the Industry Zone and, more specifically, on the
Milnes Road land. Amending the concept plan to remove the landscape buffer along the Milnes Road boundary.

These changes and the rezoning of Lot 10, Langhorne Creek Road provide opportunity for the harness racing club to relocate. This, together with the proposed policy changes, opens up potential to encourage new investment in the industrial area.