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Fake $50's Found In The Adelaide Hills

Fake 50.jpg

There have been a spate of fake $50 notes handed over in the Adelaide Hills.

Police are investigating three incidents over the weekend just gone with police looking into whether they are connected.

Staff at a supermarket realized the $50 a man was attempting to pay with on Saturday was a fake, he tore it up and walked out. The Lobethal CFS Opp Shop were also handed one of the poorly created notes, posting on social media for others to be on the look out.

If you come across one, police asking you to put it in an envelope and handle it as little as possible. Businesses are being reminded to be vigilant with checking notes. With new $50 notes now in circulation, police are warning businesses that people may start to pass off fakes while the old notes are still in circulation.

New 50 1.PNG

The new $50 retains the basic design elements from the previous series. It features portraits of Aboriginal writer and inventor, David Unaipon, and Australia's first female member of parliament, Edith Cowan. They were both campaigners for social change and their work is recognised in several design elements on the banknote. The microprint includes excerpts of Unaipon's book, Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines, and Cowan's first speech to the Western Australian Parliament.

The new banknote also has the same security features as the $5 and $10 to deter counterfeiting. It has a top-to-bottom clear window that contains a number of dynamic features including a reversing number and flying bird, as well as microprint and a patch with a rolling colour effect.

It also has a ‘tactile’ feature to help the vision-impaired community distinguish between different denominations of banknotes. On the $50 banknote, this is four raised bumps on each of the long edges of the banknote.

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