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Your Help Needed To Map Murray Carp


Members of the public are being asked to help map carp along the River Murray.

CARPMAP is an online survey tool created by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation which is hoping those who interact with the river regularly whether you’re a member of the public, a farmer or fisher, to map when you see an aggregation of the fish.

The information will be used by the National Carp Control Plan to predict whether the release of the carp herpes virus will be successful.

“If you have observed more than 20 carp together (called an aggregation) we want to know about it,” said Matt Barwick, National Carp Control Plan Co-ordinator.

“The survey is easy to do and only takes a few minutes of your time and will help support future carp management plans in Australia”.

“Understanding carp aggregations not just locally but at a national scale will be critical for an effective national approach to carp control”.

“We have already trialled a successful community survey to map carp aggregations in the Lachlan catchment and now we want a get a national picture, to not only inform our research program but to support future carp management strategies” said Mr Barwick.

To contribute to CARPMAP, click here.


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