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Gas Could Soon Be Piped To Mt Barker


Big gas bottles outside Mt Barker homes may soon become a thing of the past, with the Australian Energy Regulator giving preliminary approval for a high pressure gas pipeline to be constructed between Murray Bridge and the Adelaide Hills.

Member for Kavel Dan Cregan says with the expansion of the population in the region, access to gas was a necessity, campaigning for the decision after it was originally knocked back.

“The previous government rezoned our district for large scale housing development. We need infrastructure of this type to support the growth we now face,” Mr Cregan said.

“A natural gas pipeline to the district will allow our community to access a low emission, cost effective alternative energy source for space heating, cooking and hot water without the need for gas bottles in and around houses. A natural gas pipeline will also support employment and industry in the district. I have been working closely with the State Government for several months to ensure the State understands how important this issue is in the hills.”

After further consultation it’s expected the Regulator adopt the draft decision as it’s final determination.


Image: Pexels