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Little Penguin Population On The Rise On Granite Island

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The little penguin population on Granite Island has bounced back this year, with 44 of the birds counted compared to just 28 last year.

The cooler dry winter could have led to the birds thinking it was spring already, leading to a second breeding period this year but researchers say the population is still very much under threat.

Several issues continue to impact the colony including pollution, dogs being brought onto the island despite warnings and fines and interference from people who shine white lights into their eyes from mobile phones or torches which can blind them for days leaving them unable to catch fish to feed themselves.

There have been 45 recorded disturbances this year, up on 2017 with tour guides, researchers and the local council hoping the installation of cameras across the island will deter more.

There are some calling for the island to be closed at night for anyone not taking a tour, with reports fishermen have been warned about allowing their dogs to roam in the area saying they just didn't see the signs.

Council are also in the process of installing a boom gate at the causeway that will require a swipe card to access.

Image: facebook